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World Class Manufacturing|WCM Companies in bangalore

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a methodology of improving manufacturing operations in terms of productivity, Quality, Cost, logistics, inventory etc., Key objectives of WCM are Zero defects, Zero breakdowns and Zero Inventory … towards ideal state.

The World Class Manufacturing is a concept developed by FIAT, Hajime Yamashina, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Universality in Japan, played a key in development of WCM.

According to Fiat, WCM is started in year 2005 with the aim of improving the production system by reducing waste, increasing productivity and improving working conditions, World Class Manufacturing is not a project but rather a constantly evolution program that grows and perfects itself using the contributions of all involved each day.


The pillars of World Class Manufacturing are specified in terms of Technical and Managerial pillars as below.

The Technical pillars of World Class Manufacturing:

  • Safety
  • Cost Deployment
  • Focused improvement
  • Autonomous maintenance and workplace organization
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Logistics & Customer service
  • Early equipment management
  • People development
  • Environment

The Managerial pillars of World Class Manufacturing are:

  • Management Commitment
  • Clarity of Objectives
  • Route map to WCM
  • Allocation of Highly Qualified People to Model Areas
  • Commitment of the Organization
  • Competence of Organization towards Improvement
  • Time and Budget
  • Level of Detail
  • Level of Expansion
  • Motivation of Operators
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