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What Is The Significance Of Doing Step By Step Audit In TPM– Autonomous Maintenance Implementation.

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Implementation of Autonomous Maintenance | TPM Autonomous Maintenance Audit

Total Productive Maintenance is a well laid and structured method of implementation for getting long term and sustained benefits in operations.  Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance – JIPM is the main promotion organization that has worked for years in applying and standardizing the methodologies which are time tested.

Keeping in view of solid foundation needed and success in the sustenance of the initiative, step by step approach is formulated and strongly advised in the implementation of TPM pillars in each step. Auditing the results of each step through multiple levels/groups is one of the keys.

At the end of each step, whether all the key expectations and outcomes of that steps is fully realized or not is validated.  Only upon confirmation is when it is advisable to go to the next step.  It is important that such a system is followed with full commitment and the right spirit.  Jumping to the next step for the sake of completion of implementation should be avoided at all costs.

Jishu Hozen or Autonomous maintenance is one of the key pillars of TPM.  JH Audit is conducted after each step to ensure that all the requirements of that step has been met. As a recap, there are seven steps in Autonomous maintenance.

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Audit must be done along with the team members as per the area allocated for each member.

  • Appreciate all the good changes happened in the area
  • Read audit check sheet & highlight the area which needs improvements
  • Any abnormality observed during the audit must be tagged immediately
  • Audit should happen in sequence from Level-01 to Level -03
  • Circle leader can request for level-02 audit only after passing  Level-01 audit & likewise, audit request for level 3 can be done only upon clearing Level-2 Audit.


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