Quick Response Operations and services

Quick Response Operations and services in bangalore

There are many products and services which are made to order on demand. These products are normally highly customized to specific requirements of customers and hence there won’t be finished goods stocks.  Also, sourcing of Raw materials, tooling, packing materials and so on are also done specific to those orders.  In this business model, Quick response operations will be very useful.  Core concept in this is focus on faster responsiveness and elimination of waiting anywhere in the value stream.

Quick Response operations can be deployed in any sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Hospitals, Government services, Banking, Hospitality, restaurants, Information Technology.

Key benefits from deployment of Quick Response Operations are:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction/delight.
  • Reduced Lead time.
  • Improvement in First time right.
  • Reduced inventory.
  • Improved business
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved profits.

Some of the associated tools used in deployment of Quick Response Operations are:

  • Continuous Flow
  • Internal Customer satisfaction system
  • Bottleneck Management
  • Check-lists
  • Daily Work Management Systems
  • Visual Management
  • Quick Change-over
  • Layered process confirmation
  • 5S
  • TPM
  • Quick replenishment systems
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