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How operational excellence through Lean, TQM, TOC and 5S help organisations improve performance? – Case Studies & Success Stories

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implementing operational excellence through lean tqm toc and 5s-case-studies

Some of the case studies of our implementation as Lean, TQM, TPM, Six Sigma consultants in sites across India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Case 1 – Industry: Material Handling equipment Manufacturing

Business Case :  Not able to meet Customer demand on delivery time, due to constraint in fabrication.  This resulted in adopting build to stock policy which added to inventory, last minute design corrections  and rework costs

Project Goal : To reduce Chassis Fabrication time by 30 %

Approach used : Lean and Kaizen –- Studying and Mapping current process, -Analysing VA and NVA – Identifying and implementing solutions – Training on new methods – Standardization + more than 35 small improvements (kaizens)

Internal Customer Satisfaction measurement

Result Achieved :  Previous : 9 Hrs/ Chassis

Target : 6 Hrs 30 Minutes Hrs /Chassis

Achieved: 4 Hrs 20 minutes/Chassis

Case 2 – Industry : Precision Tool Manufacturing

Business Case :  Huge order backlogs and not able to meet customer expected delivery.  Lead-time from order to Delivery was more than 12 weeks whereas customer expectation was less than 4 weeks.

The Challenge; It is a High Variety and Low Volume Business and Changeover time is much greater than Processing time.

Most tools are special tools and it was taking significant time at design stage

Project Goal :  To Clear all Backlog orders

To reduce Lead-time in Phases to meet customer expectations (Both Manufacturing and Pre-Manufacturing Lead Times)

Approach used : Lean & Value Stream Mapping – Identifying the Bottlenecks – Developing should be Map and Implementation . ( Key tools: QCO, TPM, 5S, Standard work and Quality Improvement)

Result Achieved :  Reduced overall lead-time in Phases from 12 weeks to 8 weeks in Phase 1 and from 8 weeks to 6 weeks in Phase 2.

  • Zero Backlog orders / Delighted Sales Team

Intangible Results : Internal Customer Satisfaction increased from 29 % to 76 % which improved cross-functional team work

Case 3 – Industry : Fiber Optic Cables for Telecom Industry

Business Case :  Need to double Productivity as the demand increased in for exports

Challenges : It is completely manual process and productivity dependent on individual skills

Project Goal :

To Improve Productivity by 50 % from 430 ends per line per day to 650 ends per day per line

Approach used : Lean & Value Stream Mapping – TWI – 5S – Kanban

Hourly output monitoring and PDCA. Select pilot line and horizontal deployment to other lines

Result Achieved :  Improved Productivity in Phases from 430 ends to 800 ends per line per day in  2 phases – 6 months duration.

This was achieved with existing workforce whose basic educational qualification is Class 10 or less

Case 4 – Industry : Apparel

Business Case :  To meet demand of the export market . This could be met only if  the lead-time from Cut-to-Pack is below 6 days.

Project Goal : To Reduce Lead-time from Cut to Pack from 9 days to less than  6 days

Approach used : A pilot line is selected, Takt time concept introduced,

VSM – Current and Future, Line Balancing  , TWI, Heijunka + more than 25 small kaizens

Result Achieved :  Achieved the goal of  Lead-time reduction to less than 6 days in 2 phases

This company was also won Economics Times Manufacturing Excellence Award for best-in-Class Lean Implementation

Case 5 – Industry : Process – One of the Leading FIBC Bags Manufacturer in India

Business Case :  It was a Mix of Labour and Process Oriented Industry. Labour Productivity was low compared to Benchmark companies in China. Quality and Delivery improvement at Optimum cost was the Goal

Project Goal :

To Improve Quality & Delivery and Reduce Cost through Total Employee Involvement

To reduce Wastage by 50 %

Approach used : 5S is used for Total Employee Engagement. Value Stream Mapping to identify the bottlenecks. Kaizen and AC story approached used for day today problem solving

Result Achieved :  On Time Delivery >80 % achieved.  Waste reduction Project is in progress

Case 6 – Industry : Process – Carbon Black

Business Case :  Because of the Product the company is Manufacturing creating a healthy work environment was a challenge. Also the Machine Breakdowns were high due to dusty atmosphere

Project Goal : 

To Improve work environment Score to 70 % +

Approach used : 5S , TPM and Visual Factory

Result Achieved :  All the 15 zones in the organization achieved/exceeded the  target score of 70 %. Employees felt happy about the better working environment. Indirect Benefits include Productivity, Employee Involvement and Customer delight

Case 7 – Industry : Automotive Machining

Business Case :  Being in the Business of High precision parts for Automotive applications, quality and delivery are the top most priorities.

There is always a need to continual improvement to retain the share of Business.

Project Goal :

Reduce Customer Complaints, COPQ

Improve OEE and Value addition per employee

Improve Quality System Rating –Given by Customer

Approach used : 5S , Lean, TPM and Policy Deployment

Result Achieved : Achieved Zero Customer complaints and <100 ppm target . Exceeded target score in  Quality System Audit. Reduction in Cost of poor Quality

Became a TOP rated supplier among all suppliers.

Achieved Platinum rating from OEM

Case 8 – Industry :  High volume food manufacturing through automated machines – not for profit organisation sensitive in cost, hygiene, productivity and image of the organisation.

Business Case :  This Industry feeds more than 1.5 million kids per day through Mid Day Meal scheme.  Quality , Cost and Delivery are the key indicators to serve more and more hungry children. Operating more than 40 Kitchens throughout India. To improve the efficiency of the Kitchens The origination started TPM implementation with the help of Seven Steps.

Project Goal :

Reduce Customer Complaints, COPQ

Improve OEE of Key Equipments like Boilers, Roti Makers , RO units

Approach used : 5S & TPM

Result Achieved : Bellary unit successfully completed phase 1  TPM implementation in 18 months . Achieved targeted results in OEE, Water and Energy savings, Quality improvements and Employee engagement

Case 9 – Industry : Made to order and stock products needing Lean manufacturing for quick response and faster supplies

Business Case :  MNC started its Operations in India a few years back . The Leadership team in India selected Seven Steps as their Strategic Partners to support their Vision 2022 project

The company supplies more than 25000 variety of Springs

Project Goal :

Facilitation of Business Excellence Initiatives by establishing Vision, Strategies, Roadmap and Key Milestones

Approach used : TQM , Lean and Policy Deployment

Result Achieved : Established good Daily Management Systems to reduce day to day Fire Fighting and focus on Break through Improvements. Backlogs brought close to ZERO using Lean approach

Machine Efficiencies improved to address High mix and low volume demands


Seven Steps Academy of Excellence is the training and development arm of Seven Steps Group having Headquarters in Bangalore, India.  We provide training both inhouse and public programmes on globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six sigma black belt.  Our reach is all over India and we serve cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Hosur, Mysore, Ludhiana, Neemrana, Chandigarh, Pant Nagar, Nashik.

Other trainings being provided from Seven Steps academy include

  • Lean Six sigma professional training – Green belt and black belt
  • Lean experiential learning – training for Lean professional and Lean champions
  • Applied 5S and Visual Management for manufacturing, retail, logistics, Hospitals, Construction, Airports, Banking sector, power plants
  • Kanban and Supermarket implementation training for retail, manufacturing, hospitals, medical stores, warehouse, showrooms.
  • Total productive maintenance training – TPM, Autonomous maintenance – Jishu Hozen for manufacturing plants and continuous process plants.
  • Lean layout training.

Through our Consulting arm, we facilitate deployment of Lean manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance, Policy deployment, 5S , Six Sigma consulting and implementation support.  Our consultants are from multiple sector experience and we operate all over India.

Some of the flagship training programmes conducted at Seven Steps Academy of Excellence are:

Six sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Skill development programme – Campus to CorporatePrecision Engineering

Applied 5S


Lean Experimental Learning Programme

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