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How to create an effective Lean Daily Work Management System

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Lean daily management system

With Lean Daily Work Management System at the core of its operations, an organization will be able to quickly identify deviation, start solving problems and make strategy deployment a success.

  • Lean Daily Management System (LDMS) comprises of fundamental components for dealing with the presentation of tasks from operations. LDMS helps in improving overall performance of the organization through effective management of key tasks and timelines. 
  • With straightforward and powerful visual tools, you can streamline your operational exhibition by eliminating the sources of variation brought about by traditional management and oversight practices.
  • Lean Daily Work Management will assist you with establishing a precise way to deal with oversee the same affairs, delegate, empower and manage performance of business/process. Lean Start-ups for the most part centre more on boot tying and creating products and services utilizing Lean standards. 
  • Traditional organizations try announcing their strategy by simply telling goals and expectations onto the different areas and levels of the business.  Command and control mode is introduced for “making the numbers” and monitoring the actions they are expected to carry out.
  • With this approach, it is no surprise that achievements are often below expectations. Senior managers normally hold a meeting once a month to check on progress (or lack thereof), but this often turns into a finger pointing session rather than an opportunity to discuss disappointing numbers and seek corrective action.
  • Daily fire fighting will be order of the day in such organisations and decisions are then made to fight the fires that seem to pop up everywhere in the organization and to overcome from the situation, which many times makes the situation even worse.
  • But why the desired results are not seen? What can be the issue with the strategic planning? What happens in scenarios like this is that the company’s very sophisticated IT system doesn’t allow for a real grasp of the situation and that decisions are made too late. How can anyone expect to achieve annual target under these circumstances?
  • Organizations need to implement a new way of monitoring the actions planned and the results achieved, one that ensures an adequate implementation of the strategy and allows for a faster and more effective response to deviation. What organizations need is what we call Lean Daily Work Management System.

Strategy deployment to all departments

  • Lean Daily Work Management System begins with a strong procedure for moulding and after that deploying technique, which has its establishment in the definition and it communicates company’s “True North” – which is similar to the company’s mission. This unequivocally communicates the organization’s needs for the not so distant future – suppose around one to two years. 

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  • This “ideal state” is then converted into explicit markers at full scale level, which at that point course down to the useful levels until they achieve the work cells and at last every representative. 
  • Everybody must know about the needs and difficulties of the organization and how they identify with their activity. That is the reason it is so essential to characterize the True North in satisfactory terms: so individuals are bound to be proactive in helping the organization to make progress. 
  • While hard to understand, the change of the pointers characterized at the large scale level into individual objectives for every individual and occupation is an important advance towards the turnaround of a business. With everybody engaged with the basic leadership procedure and given his or her very own obligation, achievement will be within the reach. 
  • The subsequent stage is for all zones of the firm such as production, distribution, logistics etc to set up outlines and visual management boards in amazingly noticeable and available spots, close to the point of work, to guarantee the most is made of the meetings that will occur every day or in a frequent interval.

How lean daily work management system works?

  • To operationalize Lean Daily Work Management System one should unmistakably interpret the performance metrics characterized at vital level into measurements explicit to every division or work cell. 
  • Now, a group needs to be framed and a standard for the subsequent meetings built up. To completely catch the advantages and the learning of a Lean Daily Work Management System framework, you can set up leadership attitudes and behaviours.

As a final step, “help chain,” a structure that supports critical thinking over the business, must be set up.

LMS constitutes of five elements:


Daily Work Group Meeting

A short, compulsory, stand up meeting to concentrate the team on what is significant and how they will cooperate to accomplish it. It creates group ethos and gives the forum to recognize improvement opportunities.

Primary Visual Display

A methods for imparting and sharing key team centred data, including KPIs, and execution improvement exercises. It gives the concentration to the Daily Work Group Meeting and is kept up by the group themselves.

Kaizen Action Sheet

A basic configuration to catch improvement opportunities and thoughts in words and pictures. It causes the group to choose what they can handle themselves utilizing the essential Lean critical thinking instruments and urges them to receive an organized way to deal with progress.

Lean Tool

Tool to build up and track the degree to which the team is working on a Lean premise. It empowers them to set their long haul targets and logically embrace day by day changes that support ceaseless presentation improvement.

Short Term Leadership

Regular, visit contact between colleagues and their leader to concentrate on accomplishments. It strengthens the leaders’ job in connecting with individuals in nonstop performance improvement.

How to eliminate chronic problems?

Repeating issues are given a special concern. When a constant issue is known on the board, a team of five individuals take charge of addressing to it in an organized manner, utilizing the scientific technique – A3 thinking. 

Dedicated kaizen is performed straightaway, to comprehend the main drivers of the issue before any countermeasures are executed. At that point, the A3 and its related issues are checked in the Lean Daily Work Management System board for 3 months. In the event that the issue reoccurs, the A3 is “reopened” to complete further examination, detail new hypothesis concerning why the countermeasures didn’t fill in true to form, and to think of a suitable reaction.

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