Designing and deployment of Company X Production system

Designing a customized production system like Toyota Production System, Ford Production system, Cannon production System or Bosch Production System or MOS Operating System to suit your business model.


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Why  Company X production system is recommended?  

What are the characteristics of an XPS that make it a successful strategy for improving performance?

The company strategically chooses the principles that are most relevant to its operations, rather than photocopying the principles from other systems or other companies.

For example, the process industry companies tended to prioritise production levelling, equipment manufacturers tended to prioritise design for-manufacturing and the heavy-vehicle industry tended to prioritise the reduction of batch size more than other industries. These are sensible choices for these industries. Moreover, the company often uses its own name and design in its XPS. This serious choice symbolises sincerity and commitment. It presumably increases employees’ ownership of the programme. Off-the-shelf improvement philosophies do not have these advantages. Second, an XPS is a strategic improvement programme, not a project like many other improvement initiatives. The XPS brings consistency and durability to the improvement work.

It also reduces flavour of the month approach.  An XPS is a shared and systematic approach for all plants and employees in a firm. It creates a common improvement language, which leads to easier transfer of experiences, principles and practices between units. This aspect makes the most sense for companies that have several plants because it eliminates the need for each plant to develop and maintain their own improvement programme.

If you are keen to create your unique model of Business Process or system.

Seven Steps team has expertise in developing customized Production System.

In this, based on the unique requirement of the industry, principles and practices to be followed created as starting point.

How: Using our 7 Step process

Duration(Scope): 2- 3 years, Design- Validate-Run-Sustain and improve

Benefits: Robust systems to suit business requirements. Achievement of expected financial and growth results.
If you are keen to create your unique model of Business Process or system.